About Upstarts

‘UCT Upstarts’ is the Vice-Chancellor’s Social Innovation Challenge.
It is a joint-initiative between the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Super Stage.

The Big Idea

We’re igniting a ‘Student Start-up Nation’ by creating a parallel university experience – one that produces a generation of both GRADUATES and SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS – who solve real-world problems from campus, and launch start-up realities beyond it…

Because we believe we need to build a Social Innovation Culture that literally does make Africa work better and an Innovation Economy that actually does create jobs – starting from campus!

The Experience

Welcome to the 24 Hour Journey of a Lifetime and the Epicentre of Social Innovation!

UCT upstarts is a 12 Week ‘Pop-up experience’ that will change your life, because it’s where the world comes to you – and where you get to change the world!

Every Monday and Thursday during lunchtime from 1-2pm, you’ll get to experience the most inspiring, imaginative and interactive Pop-up talkshops, workshops and do-shops from our 24/7 pop-up bus, led by radical Social Entrepreneurs and Human Centred Design Coaches!

The Vice-Chancellor’s Social Innovation Challenge, will culminate in our signature ‘Idea Auction’ that will launch teams into Super Stardom, and their revolutionary start-up ideas into action.

So, whether you’re in commerce or law, medicine or engineering, film or psychology… or whether you’re a first year or post-grad, you’re a potential Upstart on the way to becoming a Start-up – so join us on the journey now!