1. Kevin Sherman on what happens when education meets tech
  2. Steven Ney on solving a genuine need
  3. Gidon Novick on innovation & constant learning
  4. Rael Futerman on defining the problem you want to solve
  5. Keneilwe Munyai on using design thinking to change SA education
  6. Steven Sherman on problem solving
  7. John Sanei on how to stay relevant & profitable in this fast changing world
  8. Philip Kiracofe on thinking big & failing fast
  9. Jeanne Welsh on Calm Classrooms
  10. Chris Hosken on the business of disrupting education
  11. Alfredo Brillembourg on smarter, more connected cities
  12. One-on-one with Chris Hosken & Alfredo Brillembourg
  13. David Campey & Roger Norton on the lean start-up model
  14. Mark Horner (Siyavula) on the massive impact open-source learning can have in SA
  15. Mpodumo Doubada on education as a response to local context
  16. Patrick Schofield talks crowd-funding
  17. Chad Willemberg and Patrick Schofield advise students about crowd-funding
  18. Lauren Gillis of the bracelet that’s changing lives in Africa
  19. Nwabisa Mayema on bootstrapping your start-up
  20. Laura Santoni on the healing power of music in schools
  21. Felix Holm on prototyping
  22. Jolene Cartmill on how to make a crowd-funding video
  23. Kim August & Ruben Collin on emotive branding
  24. Ruben Collin on the emotional power of branding
  25. Michele Bush on logo design
  26. Nikki Wohlman on skills for a successful presentation
  27. Luthando Dyasi on start-ups and social capital