The Vice-Chancellor's Social Innovation Challenge


HOW CAN YOUR IDEA FOR “Re-Educate Education”…

  1. Redefine what education at its best could — and should — look like
  2. Re-excite the spirit to learn
  3. Fix a broken/outdated/outmodelled/outperformed system
  4. Change education from being a privilege for the few to a basic right, affordable and accessible for all
  5. Get creative with everything from infrastructure to food to transport to fees to open-source learning to high tech to low-tech to policy to abolishing teen-pregnancy to curricula to resources to teachers to language to incentives to textbooks to wellness to……….XYZ!
  6. Imagineer – Opportunify – Innovate – EnlightenPotentialise – Sparkify this very system called ‘education’

Teams that merge passion, purpose and profit to create the most compelling, innovative and socially impactful ideas will get the chance to launch their world-changing start-up ideas at our signature ‘Idea Auction’ in September, where EVERYBODY wins an opportunity of a lifetime, that’ll put you in business overnight!

Every now and then a generation is called upon to be great, you can be that generation. (Madiba)

Here’s what you can Win!

Re-educate Education with play


12 Weeks. 1 Challenge. 1000’s of Upstarts. A whole new university experience!


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