TIPS & ACTIONS : Week 10

Purpose with Profit

“FUCK BUSINESS WITHOUT CULTURE” – Legendary Quote at Kaospilot in Aarhus, Denmark.

Tips from Kaospilot:

  1. Remember that only things that truly serve a need of social value is what will make money. It’s important to also test your business model on your target group – ie: what specific thing do they think is OK for you to monetize your project and make it sustainable in the economic sense.
  2. Design-thinking is a mindset and framework with simple, hands-on tools. It will always help you move your project, such as a social enterprise, with what the target group is in need of. It enables you to test your assumptions and get user-driven insights – which is the key to generating a successful service or product.
  3. Any of the tools, such as Gameplan and Double Diamond can be simplified and used for any situation. Whether you manage a multi-million Rand business project starting your social enterprise, to making sure that your research report is supporting you, to shaping that hypothesis to hitting your target – these dynamic tools in your toolbox will benefit. The important thing is to zoom-out, to get an overview as it is the simplest way we humans communicate.


  1. Are you interested in visiting KAOSPILOT creative office space in Woodstock? Get some feedback on your project, or social enterprise, or meet social entrepreneurs or just see how a learning space can be different from the conventional classroom? Contact UCT Upstarts and we can arrange an exchange visit before Kaospilot Outpost 2015 shuts down in the start of June.
  2. If you’re curious about Kaospilot but cannot attend an exchange visit before June you are welcome to check out and – where creative leaders, social entrepreneurs and change makers go to school!
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Resources/References/Case Studies/:

  1. Double Diamond Explanation:
  2. Double Diamond (CC-BY-NC-ND license):
  3. Gameplan:
  4. Gameplan Variation:
  5. Gamestorming Toolbox Resource Wiki:
  6. Talking Stick: Video of Steven Covey (author of Seven Habits of Highly Successful People) talking about power of the tool
  7. I DO ART for Meetings & Ideation:


Set frames for future work and kick off the discover phase!


Make sense of deliverables, divide up into groups with passion and start working.


  • 9.30 Check-in
  • 10.00 Quick recap from Monday meeting
  • 10.10 Deliverables + e-mail from xyz
  • 10. 40 Divide into groups of passion
  • Break
  • 10.50 “Contract” on how to work – new structure of the group work
  • 11.10 Tools to use if you want
  • 15.00 Meet up – where are we? Do you need help?
  • Remember guidance
  • Evaluation on 6th of May? – Get back to xyz
  • 15.30 Check-out


9.30 – 16.00


Eg: Jack & Jill are facilitating

Upstarts’ links:

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