TIPS & ACTIONS : Week 11

Social Enterprise

“A social enterprise is a social business or business venture that exists to fix a social or environmental problem and uses its profits for this purpose. ” – Marcus Coetzee


To be considered a social enterprise, organizations must:

  • Have a clear social and/or environmental mission set out in their governing documents
  • Generate the majority of their income through trade
  • Reinvest the majority of their profits
  • Be autonomous of state
  • Be majority controlled in the interests of the social mission
  • Be accountable and transparent


Reflect on whether a social enterprise is the right model for you:

  • Who is your beneficiary (i.e. the people or community who will benefit from the services of the social enterprise)?
  • Who is your customer (i.e. the person or organization that will pay the social enterprise to deliver its services)?
  • Will the social enterprise be able to generate a surplus (i.e. profit margin) from sales to the customer?
  • Will the social enterprise require a loan or equity investment in order to expand?
  • How much control do you personally desire to have over the social enterprise?

Resources/References/Case Studies/:

  1. “A Guide to Legal Forms for Social Enterprises in South Africa” by Legal Resources Centre
  2. “A Guide to Finance for Social Enterprises in South Africa” by Greater Capital
  3. “What Makes a Social Enterprise a Social Enterprise” by Social Enterprise UK
  4. “Business Models for Social Enterprises” by Marcus Coetzee
  5. “Think Like a Social Enterprise” by Marcus Coetzee
  6. “Setting up a Hybrid Social Enterprise” by Marcus Coetzee

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