TIPS & ACTIONS : Week 13

Great Week


To deliver a great pitch, do the following:

    • Get clear about the goal of your pitch – use PIR
    • Think about who your audience is – use the impact triangle

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse, and remember the following:

    • Breathe slow and low.
    • Speak louder and slower. (Assertive people appear to control time).
    • Root your posture.
    • Keep it short and simple.
    • Make eye contact.
    • Use pauses.


Prepare thoroughly for giving your pitch, considering the following 7 things:

  1. Problem – identify a problem worth solving, e.g. “Transferring photos from mobile phones to laptops is complex and time-consuming”
  2. Solution – explain your solution
  3. Target Market – talk about the market segments you’re targeting, how many people are in each segment, and the total amount they spend
  4. Competition – what differentiates you from the competition?
  5. Team – talk about how your team has the skill set to execute your vision
  6. Financial Summary – how are you going to make money and what expenses are you going to have?
  7. Milestones – talk about your upcoming goals and when you plan to achieve them

Resources/References/Case Studies/:

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