TIPS & ACTIONS : Week 14


“If you’re going to start something one day be sure you know WHY you’re doing it!” – Saul Kornik


The 5 questions to an effective business plan!

  1. Create unique value – WHAT?
  2. Connect with the right people – WHO?
  3. Turn value into transaction – WHEN / WHERE?
  4. Deliver on your promises – HOW?
  5. Begin at your bigger intention – WHY?


    1. Use the Flow Canvas. It will allow you to apply new thinking in entrepreneurship to your own situation. You’ll learn to define a clear route towards realising your bigger intentions by creating a 1-page plan, offering clarity of your business model and the next tasks for the coming business cycle. In this way you can create a concise plan based on the difference you wish to make in the world and the financial results you wish to achieve.
    2. The 1-page plan you’ll create may be short, but it will be comprehensive, covering all the key elements of what must be done to achieve a natural flow towards great results.
    3. One of the most powerful characteristics of the Flow Canvas is that you are able to position yourself on the plan, based on your personal traits — you’ll be able to see where you are likely to find your natural way with ease, and where you need to be cautious about expected challenges; or better still, where you should be looking towards others to contribute based on their natural strengths.
    4. It is highly recommended that you do the Vitality Test. It takes only 20 minutes to do and you’ll get an impactful report that will give you guidance in creating your path towards personal flow and that will introduce you to the language used in the Flow Canvas.

Resources/References/Case Studies/:
You can get free access to the Vitality Test at; and you can use the online planning tool at Also have a look at the 10-minute explanation of how the tool can work for you at The Webinar can be done at

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