TIPS & ACTIONS : Week 15


“Embrace technology, it allows us to see that our only limit is our imaginations” Robyn Farah


  1. Remember! People first and then technology.


Create your own bespoke homepage for your ‘Imagine A New Africa’ solution! Go to Sublime Text 2, and start to teach yourself how to code using a variety of coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, jQuery etc.
Resources/References/Case Studies/:

  1. Codex video:
  3. Sublime Text 2:

Upstarts’ links:

    1. Week 15 Highlight video: coming soon
    2. Social Innovator Profile:Jonathan Mckenzie: profile-jonathan.phpSteve Sherman: profile-steve-2.php
    3. Pro-Circuit Coach Profile:Elizabeth Gould: profile-elizabeth.phpRobyn Farah; profile-robyn.php

      Sihle Tshabalala: coming soon

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  2. Robyn Farah –