TIPS & ACTIONS : Week 16

Marketing Mania

“Your logo is your brand DNA” – Michele Bush


  1. Your brand is a vital business concept – don’t forget it!
  2. Focus on what makes you relevant within your environment
  3. Context, Content and Concept the three C’s not to miss in marketing
  4. Know your channels to ensure maximum value for your customer
  5. When in doubt follow the McKinsey Bran Model (below)


  1. Identify qualifiers, drivers and triggers (McKinsey Bran Model)
  2. Define the ‘problem’ – spend as much time on the problem as the opportunities
  3. Try to work with ‘business integration’ and build value by integrating communication, design, societal needs, sales etc. into your product/services and/or business and culture
  4. Work through the Road Map – Road Map on pg 18: (
  5. Identify a concept based on and in relation to context and content

Resources/References/Case Studies/:

  1. Search Google & download the McKinsey Bran Model: “Solutions – Building strong brands better faster cheeper”

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