“The guys running the big conglomerates are now being threatened by you – you guys are the start-ups”
Ludwick Marishane (Dry Bath)


  1. You are uniquely positioned to solve a problem.
  2. You are uniquely equipped to solve a specific problem.
  3. You know certain things, have certain skills and certain opportunities that nobody else does.

Your Team Toolkit comprises of many different things:

  • Skills you have
  • Resources you can access
  • Knowledge you can access
  • Current trends
  • Enabling technology


Identify your own Team Toolkit of trends, technology, knowledge, skills and resources and be proactive in developing it.

Brainstorm the tools you have.

    • a. Skills. What skills do you have?
    • b. Resources. What resources do you have?
    • c. Knowledge. What do you know that others might not?
    • d. Current Trends. Observe what’s new and exciting around you
    • e. Enabling technology. What’s making your life easier?

Resources/References/Case Studies/:

  1. Read:You can find out about trends on, latest tech on and business trends in the Harvard Business Review, among the many useful resources online.
  2. Watch and listen:Be intentional about how you spend your time. Successful people will tell you that while they know relaxation is important, watching mindless, TV isn’t the best way to relax. TED talks is a great substitute! You can hear brilliant, out the box ideas from around the world. When you soak your brain with these ideas, you’ll start sprouting great things!
  3. Work:Volunteering is a great way to gain skills. You can volunteer for a society at school or for an organisation. You could even just ask someone you admire to give you a task to try complete.
  4. Travel to universities overseas… You can use MOOCs to virtually attend classes in world reknowned universities for free!

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