1. INSTANT FAME IN ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE: Entrepreneur Magazine will conduct interviews with the winners from Thursday 1st October 2015. Availability will be obligatory.
  2. MYVIGO WEBSITE : After the first 12 months, a hosting fee of R1920 per year will be applicable. This does not include the initial domain registration, which will have to be purchased at a once-off fee of R89 (for a domain). See for DIY and PRO options.
  3. BOOST YOUR IDEA WITH A CAPE TALK MEDIA CAMPAIGN : The winning team will receive the media campaign, with the proviso that the idea is either operating or the award will be ‘banked’ for 12 months.
  4. GET COMFORTABLE IN THE HEART OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS’ MTN SOLUTION SPACE. Winners will have the option to extend their stay for an additional 6 months based on key milestones agreed to between the MTN Solution Space and the winners. The winning team will also receive access to 3 coaches of their choice from the Upstarts’ Pro-circuit Coaching Network. Selected coaches will need to agree to participate, and their degree of involvement will be subject to availability.
  5. DRIVE A VW UP FOR 6 MONTHS: Barons Volkswagen will supply a VW UP for use for 6 months starting 30th September 2015, and ending 30th March 2016. VWFS in conjunction with VWSA will cover the vehicle’s insurance. A valid driver’s license is obligatory.
  6. FLY TO LONDON FOR THE GLOBAL SOCIAL VENTURE COMPETITION: The winning team will need to be eligible for entry, and must include a post-graduate student (current or within two years of graduating) who is actively involved in the venture (this member can be brought on after the Idea Auction, but before the GSVC SA pitch). Submission of GSVC deliverables is required.
  7. SPEND ONE WEEK IN THE “STARTUP NATION” AND MEET THE MOST INNOVATIVE START-UPS IN THE WORLD: The organized trip to Israel will take place in October and November 2015. The Israeli Embassy will coordinate with the winners to find the most suitable dates. Valid passports are obligatory for travel.
  8. R25,000 Start-up Capital: The LifeCo UnLtd R25,000 start-up capital award will be based on LifeCo UnLtd criteria and will be granted once a verification process has been completed.